Party Prank Water Balloon Bombs

Arranging a real crazy water war is easy! Water Balloon Bombs are your weapons and ammunition! Share on the team, fill the balls with water and go! Who will get wet faster than cowards and lose! Do not forget to clean up later and collect the «sleeves» …

HTML for Babies

A unique book edition of HTML for Babies was created to introduce them into the world of web design. A colorful funny book will be interesting to the child. Bright unusual pictures, large letters and smiles will stir up the imagination of the child and teach him the correct markup on the Internet. The first steps to knowledge can begin at any age, even the smallest.

Dancing Groot Figure

A sweet and fervent hero of the film «The Guardians of the Galaxy», Dancing Groot Figure, will cheer up and make you smile. Created specifically for the fans of this film, he waits for you to take him to your home and become his friend. He will dance for you to your favorite music.

Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float

Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float — an excellent opportunity to ride on the pool or the pool by the whole company! Convenient, and tickets are not required. All on the bird! We set sail. That’s interesting, but she can fly?  

Crystal Growing Experiment

Beginning scientists will be delighted: Crystal Growing Experiment — an excellent option for conducting experiments at home! Spectacular decor elements are growing in front of the eyes. What else would you start growing? Can I start with my dad’s wallet?

Rubber Band Gun

Rubber Band Gun which can shoot with rubber bands, in a set, there is a whole pack of ammunition. Choose the rate of fire: slow or fast turn! The «enemy» will be defeated! A toy for small and big boys!

Radio Control Tarantula

If you have a lot of pets in your house, then surely there is a place for another inhabitant. A lot of space does not take and walks on schedule, does not ask for food and can scare anyone off: everyone will be delighted! Radio Control Tarantula: exotic, not a house full of nightmares.

Mini Tabletop Billiards Game

Where to go with the child? In Disneyland, in the cinema, in an amusement park or just … play in the Mini Tabletop Billiards Game? An excellent variant of entertainment for those who prefer that all conditions for recreation are created at home. The mini format at the same time will only add to the intensity of the game.

Giant Playing Cards

The unusual size of the deck will not leave indifferent to both children and adults. Giant Playing Cards playing will provide a great mood for the audience and will not let even the most experienced gamblers bluff. Try to hide the Ace in your sleeve!  

Pikachu Coin Bank

Grow a young banker? It’s time to get Pikachu Coin Bank: the right amount is immediately typed. Such a «guardian» of the budget will not allow even the smallest coin from the children’s pocket to disappear. Large bills from my father’s wallet will not work: the home ATM does not accept…