Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Diamond Ice Cube Tray looks original in a glass with a refreshing drink. The large size of 6 carats will allow you to quickly cool your favorite cocktail and refresh your head.

Spooky Toilet Paper Holder Bone

Spooky Toilet Paper Holder Bone perfectly suits any design of the restroom, will become an unusual accessory that attracts the attention of guests. His terrible and chilling look stirs the imagination, and maybe someone will cause fear.

Fluorescent Moon Wall 3D Stickers

Bright Fluorescent Moon Wall 3D Stickers can be glued to any surface, floor, ceiling, door. He will give your room its own style and originality. Use it in the children’s room, in the kitchen or revitalize the space in the toilet. Feel yourself an astronaut.

100 Dollar Money Funny Toilet Paper

Want to make an original memorable gift? Give a friend 100 Dollar Money Funny Toilet Paper, he certainly will not forget such a gift and does not use it for his intended purpose. Before the arrival of guests put it in the toilet, your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves are very resistant to cutting, which uses composite threads, metal mesh and special fibers. The houses in the kitchen and in nature are suitable if you need to urgently move the hedgehog or hug the cactus!

Bacon Grill Press

Indulge yourself and your guests with delicious juicy bacon, cooked without leaving home. Use the Bacon Grill Press so that your steak does not run off and is perfectly fried. The aroma will make you come to breakfast and your neighbors. Have to cook more, all may not be enough.    

Easy Sushi Roller

With Easy Sushi Roller, you are now the «Master of Sushi». Put the Nori seaweed, the ingredients of your sushi to taste, fasten the other end and pull! Perfect smooth roll is ready! Thank you Sensei!

Coffee Mug for Caffeine Lover

Coffee Mug for Caffeine Lover — your morning charge of vivacity for the whole day. Take dosed according to the doctor’s prescription. Feel like an Energizer battery that works, works and works…

USB LED Fan Clock

USB LED Fan Clock is connected to the USB port, it can work from Power Bank. It performs 2 useful functions: an analog clock and a fan. Time flies — as they say!

Bloody mat in the bathroom

Bloody mat in the bathroom — what you need lovers of pranks and parties in the style of horror films. Already think how to celebrate Halloween? This rug will help create the right atmosphere in the most ordinary apartment. And now imagine the reaction of your acquaintances who went into the bathroom to wash their hands. Yes, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. The originality of the rug will create a good mood or serve as an...