18V 80W Foldable Solar Charger

18V 80W Foldable Solar Charger is an indispensable thing for long distance trips, hikes or just outdoors. Charge a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even a car battery. The high-strength material is not afraid of rain or snow. In any non-standard situation, you will always stay in touch.

Thor Hammer USB Flash Drive

Thor Hammer USB Flash Drive will be an excellent gift for fans of the Marvel comics, perfectly performs its function and attracts attention with its unusual design. Save on it your favorite movies, music, photos. Feel like a hero.

Portable Power Station 150Wh

Love travel and relax in comfort? Laptop, camera, tablet, TV and even a refrigerator! Bring everything with you! With Portable Power Station 150Wh Suaoki will no longer have problems with charging! You can watch a series or football on the lake with a couple of cans of cool beer!

LED 6 USB Charging Station

The charging station for 6 USB ports is a universal and compact network charger for 6 USB ports. This is a special adapter that allows you to charge devices from the network in 220 V via USB. Any gadget that has a USB port can be charged with such an adapter quickly and safely. The device is compatible with any model of the iPad, iPhone or iPod, and with smartphones and tablets on the Android OS.

LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

Are you a fan of outdoor activities? Then LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is for you. You can use it on the go, for example, when riding a bicycle, or in a tent or indoors. Convenient and easy to operate, runs on batteries, bright light, and air ventilation are guaranteed to you.

Wireless Headphones Aftershokz

Wireless Headphones Aftershokz designed specifically for athletes, excellent stylish design, protection from sweat and special technology Bone conduction for crystal clear sound of your favorite music. Wear sneakers and run!  

MP3 Player Innovative Concept

The innovative concept of the MP3 player is presented in the form of a bracelet on the wrist, which is very convenient for weight training and running! The bracelet displays the current playlist, touch control in one touch. Included are wireless sports headphones. The future has come!

Beeline — Smart Compass Navigation

Beeline — Smart Compass Navigation — a device that is installed on the steering wheel of a bicycle, and helps to stick to the route laid on the smartphone. The basis of the idea was the creation of an instinctively understandable navigation system, based on the principles of the compass. According to the developers, this concept will turn the market of GPS-gadgets for bicycles.  

Like Dislike Stamps

At last, the problem with «Huskies» is solved not only on the Internet. With a light hand movement, you approve or disapprove of any project with Like Dislike Stamps. An excellent solution for terse managers: you can visually demonstrate your attitude to the work of subordinates. So, your face does not like me today!

USB Hub 8 in 1

The all-inclusive mode is effective not only in hotels but also in the office. USB Hub 8 in 1 provides space saving and comfort – nothing superfluous! One device can ensure the operability of all equipment of the company. It remains to include…the brain